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Limitations of Windows Phone 7.5


Currently there is no direct way of getting the user-agent of a device, to be used in the posting of data to Bango. Having the user-agent enables the device to identified through the Bango Identification System, meaning the model information will conform with that used in web analytics.

There are several work-arounds available, but they are required to be done at application level and as such cannot automatically be done via the SDK. One such work around is available here:

If you choose to supply the user-agent using the above method, then please note as per this post:

The implementation of the above method can also be seen in the supplied Test Application.

The following permission is required <Capability Name="IDCAPWEBBROWSERCOMPONENT"/>

Should you choose to get the user-agent please use the BangoAgent.setUserAgent method to set the user-agent for use in the SDK.

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